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David’s Story

David came to St Loye’s Foundation plagued with self-doubt after losing his voice to Vocal Chord Dysphonia.  It meant he could no longer continue in his previous profession as International Head of Marketing and needed to start afresh.

After realising that he needed to find a new career, David looked to what he was good at and decided on St Loyes’ PC Support and Repair course. “I’d had over 20 years of experience with using computers, so that was a good choice for the best chance of success and the least risk.”

The style of St Loye’s also suited David perfectly.  “Sometimes distance learning and doing things remotely isn’t ideal.  I needed a practical, hands-on experience not just to learn, but to become genuinely capable for the workplace,” he said.  “There are only a few institutions in the country which offer this. St Loye’s was an excellent choice because it offers a full wrap-around support service.”

After successfully completing the course, David was full of praise for the Foundation and how it has affected him as a person.  “It’s been a life-changing experience. It’s not just study – you are encouraged to have a complete culture change and embrace a ‘can-do’ attitude.  You’re transformed from what you were into a much more employable person. They come to you and fix you – I liken them to International Rescue from Thunderbirds!” You could say that after his St Loye’s experience, David is feeling F.A.B!

Following this ‘transformative’ period at St Loye’s, David has been pleased that there is now some evidence of his voice slowly recovering.  But even if it is not quite the same, he is now completely confident in his approach to find work, getting his life back and moving on!

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