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Mentor Service

Mentor a Service Veteran.

St Loye’s, a national charity based in Exeter, Devon is helping and supporting those who serve in our Armed Forces to get into lasting employment by launching a new mentoring scheme.

New Mentoring Scheme

A year long mentoring programme to help service veterans manage a successful transition to civilian life.  St Loye’s are recruiting service veterans and mentors to participate in a pilot mentoring programme taking place in the Devon area in June 2011.

How St Loye does’s Mentoring work?

• St Loye’s recruit service veterans and mentors for each programme
• The mentors undertake a 2 day introductory programme. They are joined by the mentees on the 2nd day during which time the mentees and mentors complete a unique relationship building process to ensure a successful match
• Mentees have the opportunity of deciding what they want to do with their lives and are supported by their mentor in a planned and structured way within an agreed framework
• The mentoring relationship commences and is supported by St Loye’s for a minimum of one year and includes a personalised action plan of individually tailored activities some of which can be delivered or supported directly through St Loye’s
• St Loye’s mentees and mentors may chose to continue the mentoring relationship thereafter

How do service veterans benefit from the mentoring programme?

• Receive 1:1 support for as long as you require it during the difficult transition from service to civilian life
• Increase self confidence in your ability to take change your life by understanding and translating your unique gifts, talent and passion
• Learn new skills and translate existing skills from your mentor and your peers
• Learn about yourself and broaden your perspective
• Expand your networks and opportunities

What do St Loye’s Mentors gain from the experience?

• Experience the satisfaction that comes from making a difference to others
• Develop a new skill set within a comprehensive training and supervision framework to allow you to step into the shoes of your mentee and fulfil the role of mentor with passion and confidence
• Nurture & deepen existing competencies
• Bring a new dimension to your leadership capability
• Develop active listening and greater emotional awareness

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”  Gandhi

Am I eligible to apply to become a mentor?

• We recruit mentors who have left the Services within the last 10 years with a minimum 3 years service experience and who have successfully completed the transition to civilian life
• You must be committed to attending the introductory programme in June plus a minimum 2 hours per month with your mentee
• We look to recruit mentors who believe that personal growth is achieved through contributing to others

How to get involved:

Apply to: Kerry Weatherburn MInstF, 01392 286259,