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Military and Veterans Support

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Could you give a helping hand to support a fellow Armed Service Veteran?

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Background to St Loye’s Foundation

St Loye’s Foundation has had a close association with the British military for many years and the Foundation played a key role in the official scheme for the treatment of casualties during WW2. Since then we have helped many thousands of people, service veterans and civilians alike.

What is the Transitions Programme?

The Transitions Programme is a range of services specifically designed to help Early Service Leavers and Veterans to make a successful transition from military service to civilian life.

Goal Setting. We believe that effective goal setting is the key to moving people forward as it gives them a sense of purpose and something positive to focus on. We recognise that goals need to be realistic and achievable but we often find that once small goals have been achieved confidence quickly grows and clients feel enthused to tackle more ambitious goals.

Personal Skills. We can help people develop a wide range of personal skills designed to build confidence and self esteem and to help job seekers with the skills necessary to secure the right job.

Training Courses. St Loye’s offer a range of courses and can manage training with external training providers in order to ensure that clients receive the training which suits their specific requirements.

Employability Skills Training. Can help you identify your core skills and experiences, enabling you to use those skills by transferring them to your civilian job and life.

Peer Mentoring and Befriending. Our Peer mentoring service links Service leavers and veterans with mentors who have made a successful transition and who are willing to give up some of their own time to help others do likewise. Many find this useful a useful way of re-engaging after a particularly challenging time in their lives and mentors can help clients stay on track with their goal realisation or training plans.

Many Service Leaver and Veterans make the transition to civilian life without problem, however we recognise that for some the leaving process can leave them adrift and struggling to cope.

We have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by some veterans and we can provide help and guidance across a range of areas.

Our primary aim is to help people take positive steps towards an independent and fulfilled life. For many this will mean moving towards meaningful and lasting employment but we can help in other ways too such as employability skills training and personal development.

Our assessment process and person centred approach is designed to ensure that we work out the unique requirements of each individual so that we can find a solution that will really make a positive difference.

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If you would like to; find out more for yourself or on behalf of someone else who may benefit from our services; like to know how you can volunteer as a peer mentor or assist us in other matters such as fundraising, please contact us on 01392 255428 and ask to speak to Richard Rochester or e-mail [email protected]


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