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  • Jason

    Jason • 35 • At work


    Jason had been out of work for some time before he came to St Loye’s. He had arthritis in his spine, which meant his options were very limited. During this time he had also cared for three children after taking on the role of ‘house husband’.

    Jason was put in touch with St Loye’s by his disability employment adviser. His case manager met him regularly and we arranged for him to undertake a course covering business administration and information technology. This led him to gain a work placement, and subsequently a job. He said: “I found the course enjoyable and interesting and once I’d finished my training I was very lucky to gain a work placement at the sports centre on the University of Exeter’s  St Luke’s Campus. After six weeks voluntary work, doing day to day duties, I started being paid on a temporary basis working on the reception within the sports centre and this has now become permanent. “The team that dealt with me at       St Loye’s were all fantastic, helpful and kind and made me feel very welcome from the outset. It was really awesome when I got the news of my placement and I couldn’t wait to tell them. It was also very special receiving my certificates once the course was completed.”

    Jason acknowledges his life has turned around, adding: “I’m just very grateful to be given the chance to do well. I’m really enjoying life and feeling so much better in myself again. ”Jason has now completed a pool plant operations course as part of his training to become a lifeguard.


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