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  • What’s next in my life?

    Good news pic 2 Transitions - webSome of our clients have a clear idea of what they want and just need help to achieve their goals as quickly as possible but many others find the question ‘what’s next?’ to be one of the most difficult to answer. We adopt a coaching approach which encourages the exploration of new ideas. This often leads to unexpected options for the future. We’ll identify your likes and dislikes and also your strengths. We’ll also help you identify your transferable skills and we’ll challenge any real or imagined barriers to your goals. At the end of this process we will help you to find focus on a personal goal (or goals) which is specific, achievable and realistic.

    Once we’ve helped you set your personal goal (or goals) we’ll work with you to break it down into a series of smaller goals as part of what we call an ‘Individual Journey Plan’. Don’t be surprised if your ideas change once you get started, typically our clients get more ambitious as their confidence grows and it can be surprising how many possibilities start to open up once you set out on your journey.

    What steps do I need to take to get there?

    What help and support can I get to help me along the way?

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