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How donations are spent

How your money will help…

£5 is the cost of a coloured Perspex overlay to assist trainees with colour-blindness and dyslexia with reading documents.

£10 will buy a weekly bus ticket for a client attending work experience.

£30 will pay for a  Therapy session to build personal development in preparation for employment.

£60 will pay for an hour counselling to boost self confidence and help overcome personal barriers.

£75 will enable a person with Learning Diasability and/or Autism to travel and claim their direct expenses directly related to training and support.

£100 will buy Nuance Dragon Software for a client. This piece of software will translate or read text off computers to aid those with dyslexia, hard of hearing, blindness, partially sighted, RSI or upper body mobility problems and also those who experience pain when using the keyboard and mouse for extended periods.

£250 will help an injured veteran to purchase a National Rail Season Ticket in their first month of employment so that they can travel to work.

£500 will provide a trainee with a laptop and equipment so they are able to complete a Distance Learning course.

£500 will enable a person with a Learning Disability and/or Autism to have a personal training budget and to have choice and control over their own lives and their future career.

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