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  • How donations are spent

    When you make a donation to St Loye’s, do you know how your money is spent?

    As a registered charity, St Loye’s endeavours to help as many people as possible, but in order for that to happen, we rely on the generosity of the public and their kind donations.

    In all areas of St Loye’s work we aim to help people achieve independence at work.  A big part of our donations are spent on helping people with autistic spectrum conditions, helping people overcome problems and to help equip them with necessary skills required to gain employment. We also help ex-forces personal through our transitions programme.

    Below are some more examples what your money is spent on.

    £5 would pay for different coloured Perspex overlays for people with colour-blindness or dyslexia read documents easier.

    £10 would buy a weekly bus ticket for a client to attend Work Experience.

    £30 would pay for a Therapy session to build personal development

    £50 would pay for a Personalised Counselling session.

    £75 would enable a person with Learning Disability and/or Autism to learn independent living skills such as cooking, hygiene, using public transport or managing money.

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