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  • Corporate Membership

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about understanding your business’ impact on the wider world and considering how you can use this impact in a positive way. CSR can also be good for your bottom line.

    Market research consistently shows that:

    78% of adults are more likely to buy a product or service associated with a charitable cause.

       62% would switch retailer to support a cause through their purchase.

    You could also give your employees the option of making regular charitable donations which are deduced ‘at source’ from their pay, by using Gift Aid these donations can be increased by up to 25% at no additional cost to your employees – making salary based giving one of the best ways to make an impact through fundraising.

    The importance of growing our enagagement with the local business community is key to St Loye’s ability to continue to provide the best in disability training and support in the South West.

    Corporate/Organisational Partner Membership…2 Year Subscription

    Level 1           £200
    Level 2           £300
    Level 3           £500

    For Companies and/or Organisations, whether Public, Private or Third Sector who have an ethos of corporate responsibility to support people with physical or mental health issues, and a commitment to building an association/relationship with St Loye’s Foundation.

    At St Loye’s Foundation we are building on our achievement of winning the 2009 Third Sector Awards for best Financial Management by introducing new ways to support our ongoing aim of providing the best training and support to people with disabilities.

    Our new Corporate Membership opportunity has been created to allow you to show your support for our work with a low impact renewable donation over two years.

    Benefits throughout the term of membership:

      One nominated representative from the company/organisation is entitled to voting rights at our AGM and to receive a copy of our Annual Review in addition to receiving charity news and invitations.

      Unlimited numbers of staff from the company/organisation are welcome and encouraged to join as Friends of St Loye’s Foundation to receive charity news and invitations directly.

      The opportunity of promotion in St Loye’s Foundation’s e-newsletter distributed free to Friends, Members and others, including the Media.

      The opportunity to have your company logo and a presence on the St Loye’s website with a link to your own site.

    Please contact for further information.

    We look forward to welcoming you into being a valued part of St Loye’s Foundation.

    Our factsheet on sponsorship and its benefits can be downloaded here

    Our corporate membership information pack can be downloaded here

    Our business membership information pack can be downloaded here

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