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  • Our Vision- by the CEO Christopher Knee

    CEO St Loye’s Foundation has been providing employment and training services for people with disabilities and chronic health problems for over 75 years.  Of course, times change.  The challenges faced by our clients have changed, medical and training practices have changed, and public attitudes have changed.  We must change too.  We’ve started, but there is much more to do. Over the past five years, we’ve put ourselves in a sound financial position, we have diversified our services and I would like to believe that we’re much more open and welcoming and client-focussed, offering a wide range of services including Employment Training, Care and Support and Learning and Skills.  But now we have a challenging commercial environment to face.

    The provision of employment, social and educational services is being made increasingly by large, private organisations with strong balance sheets and a can-do attitude.  Our 2020 Vision shows how we can meet these challenges by building on our unique past, by being nimble and innovative, by partnering other dynamic organisations and by growing our presence and range of services. Key though, will be our ability to hold fast to the ethos and values which have made St Loye’s Foundation such a major part of people’s lives for over 75 years.

    Our 2020 Vision

    Annual Review 2013-14





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